IO Coaching

Enjoy the ceremony of life, savor the nectar.


Arye Shabtai, IO Founder

Hi, my name is Arye.

People call me the clarity coach.

I guide people to improve quality of life, and purpose-driven organizations to generate new waves of wealth and wellbeing. My devotion is to serve the good of all.

How may I support you best?

"Arye is my secret weapon. He's my clarity coach. What is a clarity coach you may ask? A clarity coach is a coach who supports you in reflecting back your blind spots in love. Working with Arye as my coach has taught me more of my blind spots and areas that are holding me back. I get insight, awareness and mindfulness in practically every conversation I have with him. I cannot say that for anyone else in my life. If you're looking to be more integrated into the success and development life of both your career and personal life, Arye is a must!" David King, Founder at

"Working with Arye is fantastic. He holds a strong space of peace and unification. Very important for any thriving CEO.... Arye’s process is well thought out and he approaches it from a practical business perspective. I highly recommend working with Arye if you’re a CEO that wants to take his or her game to the next level." Tom Kornblit, Founder & CEO at TomBot AI

"Arye's coaching reflects back to you the power and wisdom you already possess. He is intuitive, clear, and open in his approach. Arye knows how to execute effective business without compromising compassion and deep heart. I would recommend Arye's coaching to anyone seeking a heartful professional coach." Allie Chipkin, Chief of Staff at The Black Sheep Foundation