Integrative Organizing (IO) Manifesto

Take a moment and feel the space in your heart.... Breath through this space.... Through your heart.

A new epoch of organizing is upon us. Can you feel it?

We are being presented with the opportunity to shift our quality of life, and consciousness, to a whole new level. To create games, and organizations, where everyone wins.

While quantum leaps in technological progress are abounding, what if the greatest challenges that we face are not technological? They are human challenges. Becoming more self aware. Cultivating empathy and compassion. Cognitive debiasing. Embodying wisdom.

The solutions to the greatest problems, technological and human alike, are found in intuitive messages that resonate through coherent heart rhythms. This is not only metaphorical truth, it is also supported by decades of empirical research on intuition and heart coherence.

The fact is, we all have intuitive guidance that flows through our heart.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition." Steve Jobs

IO offers a set of principles and practices that create greater coherence inside the thought processes, hearts, and people that create ventures. In that sense, what the IO methodology offers to venture creation is similar to what the Agile methodology offers to project management.

8 IO Principles:


When in doubt, calm the breath and listen to the heart.


Empower the master within by meditating on questions that serve the good of all.


Release the ego's desire to control by trusting yourself to be enough no matter what.


Share definite optimism by organizing plans that guide people through inspired action.


Accept your power for mastery, to transcend limitations, by practicing self-discipline.


Reason is powerful, and, more powerful than reason is meditating with the power of love.


Bring joy into the creative process by combining clear intentions with elevated emotions.


Illuminate thoughts on your mind through a peaceful lens by remembering principle #1.

For guidance, to put the principles into practice, join the IO Circle.