Integrative Organizing (IO) Manifesto
Evolving Human-Operating Systems

Version 2.0 [last updated March 26, 2024]

Together, we are creating new paradigms for humanity.
Advancing humanity’s power to create profit for purpose.
Evolving operating systems for social enterprise creators.

The term Integrative Organizing refers to the conscious process, practice, and structure whereby the humans operating organizations align profit for the good of all.

4 Dimensions of Social Enterprise Creation

  1. Listening to the heart beyond analytical thinking.

  2. Practicing self-management beyond top-down governance.

  3. Applying root-cause resolution beyond reacting to symptoms.

  4. Regenerating wealth holistically beyond extraction and reductionism.

8 Integrative Organizing Principles

  1. When in doubt, calm the breath and listen to the heart.

  2. Empower the master within by meditating on questions that serve all.

  3. Release the ego's desire to control by trusting yourself to be enough.

  4. Share definite optimism by preparing plans that guide inspired action.

  5. Accept your power for self mastery by practicing self-discipline.

  6. Reason is powerful, and, more powerful than reason is love.

  7. Create joyfully by combining clear intentions with elevated emotions.

  8. Illuminate your mind with peace by remembering principle #1.

Business as usual is obsolete, and that’s alright.
IO is here to facilitate social enterprise success.

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