Introduction to Integrative Organizing

Connecting our inner vision.

A theory of humanity.

Humanity operates as a natural system, interconnected, continuously evolving; with wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts. All of humanity has access to infinite creative power. Yet, as it seems, not all of humanity is realizing moment by moment the philosophical and practical path to access, embody, and express infinite creative power. To optimize for creating the greatest net value, and a greater life for all, focusing compassionate awareness at the cause of all people realizing their infinite creative power is of universal value. Human beings need to effectively 'tune in’ to nondual awareness or Universal Consciousness, in which all is realized to be interconnected, in order to realize the access that we already have to infinite creative power. 

Universal Consciousness is the most powerful source of energy available to humanity. What causes humanity to awaken to our infinite creative power and effectively ‘tune in’ to Universal Consciousness? The purpose of this book is to illuminate the process of awakening, each day anew, into your infinite creative power, through a timeless system of practical philosophy.  

Why Integrative Organizing?

Integrative Organizing advances nondual awareness by studying the relationship between self-awareness and self-organization. The outcome orientation is to promote ecological and social regeneration, and to create prosocial organizational systems. The fact of the matter is that our body, our mind, and our worlds are self-organizing. This is a pattern interrupt to a status quo that harms all, and a call to action to create better systems for all. Are you willing to embody the requisite insight and lead the process of creating a greater life for all? 

The emergence of Integrative Organizing.

A few years ago, I began playing with the idea of a systematic approach to empowering heart-based leadership. I became intimately aware of the false-realities in which I had been conditioned into unconsciously believing and representing through my embodiment. I began waking up into the magic of nonduality, and hearing a call to bring leaders into these realms. I started calling that system Integrative Organizing, as it integrates ancient wisdom traditions into a modern approach to organizing humanity. As a jewish yogi and engineer, I am inspired by the idea of creating better operating systems in humanity, by humanity, for humanity. Evolving the hearts and minds of humankind. Realizing our power to advance total wellbeing for all.

I’ve come to appreciate that this is as natural as calming your breath and listening to your heart. Around the time I began consciously realizing Integrative Organizing as a field of study, I made a conscious choice to trust in the flow of life. Now, I invite you to participate in the field. 

There are practical applications to this rooted in a timeless philosophical system. Complex problems require great power to solve. All problems are solvable. Problems can solve themselves, when we let go and witness. Great problems always solve themselves, yet humanity can influence this in any given moment by thought itself. By integrating the power of the heart’s intuitive intelligence with the mind's power for logic beyond reason, communities of people can consciously create an abundance of all needed resources from thought itself.

Bridging permaculture design into organizational development. 

Integrative Organizing began coming into form with the first training delivered on a permaculture farm in 2022. I shared a training program that I called the 8 levels of embodied wisdom:

  1. Quieting

  2. Breathing

  3. Nourishing

  4. Moving

  5. Playing

  6. Communicating 

  7. Creating

  8. Connecting

The structure of this system is designed to function as a guide for individual and group wellbeing. As you pay attention to these dimensions, you gain self-awareness and grow in your capacity for self-organizing. This gain and growth process is good for all individuals, and the wellbeing of all of humanity symbiotically. What’s good for your wellbeing is good for the wellbeing of humanity, because you are humanity embodied. As humanity affords our attention to this gain and growth, you can imagine the virtuous cycles expanding. 

I became aware that Integrative Organizing could be applied to create one or many networks of self-organizing teams that operate with extraordinary levels of consciousness. The first network that I began deploying Integrative Organizing through is Giving Back Studio – it’s been operating with Integrative Organizing as an operating system from day 0 in March, 2022. I, and we, are now applying Integrative Organizing to build a spectrum of systems innovations from software systems, to farm systems, to education systems. What will you choose to create with it? 

Practicing Integrative Organizing is the conscious process of studying the relationship between self-awareness and self-organization. As we study, we learn and grow in our capacity to embody and channel the current of creative energy. This creative power begins internally, and it is felt most profoundly through the heart. It is a precious and abundant resource that is naturally evolving through humanity; this is the way. Designing the flow of this creative energy in a sustainable path is possible; this is permaculture design. Through root-cause resolution thinking, the flow of energy can circulate in abundance for all to enjoy. Navigating levels of consciousness is a matter of holding space for all possible perspective points.

What if the answer is the process of inquiry?

Philosophy is completely practical, if it is any good philosophy. All of the materials I am channeling with you through this book are being caused by fluctuations of thought – waves on the field of Universal Consciousness – forming into bodies of energy – materializing into your current experience of residing with present moment awareness in a human body and reading  this text. Yet, energy is neither created nor destroyed – only transferred and transformed – and the reading of this book is no different than the writing of this book.

In this sense, the reader and the writer are existing and witnessing within non-duality. 

The natural unfoldment of this thought experiment will consistently reveal in the mind the nature of paradox: multiple perspective points manifest through one, changeless, infinitely interconnected field of Universal Consciousness.

The essential inquiry becomes: who am I?

What if the deepest of human needs is a function of community? 

Is the base currency of the human economy community, an intangible asset, with infinite potential value, which creates the perception of all tangible assets? Imagine you want to build a house. You’ll need physical materials, you’ll need mental concepts about the structure, perhaps you’ll even choose to draw these mental concepts into physical diagrams, and still… Nothing humanitarian ever happens until people mobilize to act on materializing our mental concepts.

The building of a house demands community. The building of a community supplies value.

Integrative Organizing at its core is about building community consciously. Through conscious community building, the deepest of human needs are met. The word economy comes from the Greek word “oikonomia” which means management of a household – to economize is to manage a household. I propose to you that to build an economy consciously is to build community consciously; that economic growth is a function of ecological regeneration; that humanity is not separate from nature. What is our house if not the planet we share? 

Connecting our inner vision.

Envision a moment of pure truth, simplicity and love. All of humanity’s deepest needs are being met; bliss is present.  Feel into the power of that moment in your heart. This book is a guide for you and all of humanity to experience this as a sustainable way of living. You have the opportunity to engage by applying the practice, being with the philosophy, and connecting with the global community studying Integrative Organizing with you. To proceed, I propose an agreement, the agreement of allied partners. It’s 15 words; if you’ll agree, read on. 

I accept my infinite creative power, gratefully sharing it for all beings to gain from.